I don’t read many fiction books. I used to, but in the last decade or so I’ve had a harder time with mental world-building.

I still read Rudy Rucker, though. He’s a physicist and computer scientist who did a lot of acid and it shows in his work. Rucker was one of the godfathers of cyberpunk, though not as well-known as Gibson and some others. I have never read a Rucker novel that wasn’t batshit crazy and made me think about reality in a whole new way. He has more new ideas on a single page than most SF writers have in an entire book. He’s a genius.

You can read his most well-known work, The Ware Tetraology, for free, as Rucker released it through a Creative Commons license. The PDF is here, and if you want to read a little about it before you dive in, check out Rucker’s page on the series. The first book in the tetraology, Software, won the very first Philip K. Dick award back in the 80s. Well-deserved, too.


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