The other day I asked the Handweavers Guild of America on Facebook about queer/trans weavers they’ve had on their weekly Textiles and Tea program (broadcast live on Facebook every Tuesday at 4pm ET, then uploaded to their YouTube channel the week after). They were kind enough to reply with a list! (I didn’t edit their reply except to make the names into links, which go to the guest’s T&T video on YouTube.)

We have definitely had some LGBTQ+ artists on Textiles & Tea. It’s hard to know in entirety, since we don’t explicitly ask guests about their identity and don’t want to accidentally out anyone if they haven’t mentioned their identity openly. Also to note: We are eager to reach out to artists suggested by our viewers, so if there are some LGBTQ+ fiber artists you’d like to see on the program, please let us know.

These are some of our past guests who mention queerness or LGBTQ+ themes in their episode, bio, or other online content:
Sean Dougall & Andrew Paulson
Justin Squizzero
William Storms

I am not sure how these artists identify, but Allie Dudley uses they/them pronouns, and Carl Stewart and Lauren Stichweh explore queer themes in their work.

Please feel free to reach out with suggested artists (any fiber arts, not just weaving!) by message or email at

HGA on Facebook

A guild friend recommended Richie Wilde Lopez. So that’s another to add. Do you know of anyone who’s out and weaving? Hell, out professional textile people of any sort would be fantastic. I’d love to have a list with links to people’s web sites.

I’ll start my personal list with Franklin Habit, a genius writer/artist/knitter/weaver/all around brilliant craftsman. I love him so much I even subscribe to his Patreon!


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