A friend suggested I start blogging about things I’ve read.  I read a lot of weird non-fiction, mostly histories and science texts.  I’ve read histories of milk, the periodic table, the American highway system, and hundreds more.  Standard political and military histories bore me, but the strange subjects always grab me.  I have a tendency to enthusiastically summarize my current reading to anyone who’ll listen, and then start linking the knowledge to other things I’ve read elsewhere. I love making connections between seemingly disparate fields of knowledge. My mother tells me I read boring books but talk about them in a way that makes them sound fascinating.  Another friend told me she wishes I could teach a class about the random things I learn from books.  This blog will be the equivalent, I hope.

I intend to start off with some books I’ve already read, just as a warmup.  And then when I finish my current book — a pictorial history of European charnel houses and ossuaries — I’ll write about it.  The other book I’m currently reading is about the psychology of linguistics, and you’ll get some of that too.  I hope you like what I come up with, or at least learn a few facts to whip out at parties.    Stay tuned!

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