I have a really good example of how a yarn can make or break a knitting pattern. Both these pieces of knitting were made with the same yarn — Lorna’s Laces Multi in the “Reno” colorway — and using a size 6 needle. Both patterns are based on garter stitch.

The first one I tried looked awful with this yarn. (I’m not going to say what pattern it was, as it’s a perfectly good pattern that just looks terrible with the Lorna’s Laces.) The pattern I tried next, which is the one I stuck with, is “Easy Goes It” by Finicky Creations.

See what a difference the pattern makes?

In other crafting-related news, I probably have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. It’s not that big a deal. Next week I’ll have a nerve conduction study to verify it, and if it’s positive I’ll have surgery. I know I got it from all those years of spinning short draw (which means repetitive pinching motions). I can still spin long draw with no problem, though, and I can knit as long as I take regular breaks. So I’m not severely limited. It’s annoying, but I can deal. I had the same surgery on my left hand in 2010 and it’s been great since (although I did give up crochet, because that’s how I got it).

By the way, if you like handspun yarn, I’ve put some more in my shop and decreased the prices on some other yarns…

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