If you missed the first post about the antique JOS spinning wheel, please check it out.

Today I met with a man I’ll call Dr. Wood, because he’s a retired professor who’s become a professional woodworker. He’s making me very happy. He’s fixing the broken footman for free, and I’ll get it back on Thursday. At that point I’ll be able to clean and oil the wheel.

Mr. Wood has a bit of maple that will work well for a distaff. I bought a digital caliper and took careful measurements for it, as he’s recreating it from a photo. (Well, not exactly — he’ll probably do it in a way that pleases him, but will match my wheel’s design.) He’s pretty sure the wheel itself is maple. He told me that tung oil was probably used on the wood, not linseed. So I’m getting some to rub down the wood.

After Christmas he’s going to make me some bobbins, too.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to play with Fusion 360 and 3D print a distaff and bobbins, so I can work on the wheel until the wood pieces are done. Interestingly, the bobbin that came with the wheel is not original to the wheel. The inside of it is plastic, which obviously isn’t period for the 1860s. Dr. Wood will be making the new ones completely out of wood. Probably more maple. He loves working with it, and it’s sturdy as hell.

So early next week I’ll do my cleaning and oiling, at which point I can use the wheel. Let’s hope it spins well and doesn’t need more help from the doctor!


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