Mom and I took a road trip to New England this month, from Sept. 13th to the 23rd. We had a blast. I took lots of photos. Most of them are of nature, landscapes, or buildings. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions and descriptions (though many pics aren’t described, as I had no idea what the buildings were).

The 13th to 14th were spent driving from Florida to Philadelphia.

15th: Philadelphia

We went to the Liberty Bell, drove around a while, then hit the Mutter Museum. Drove up to Albany NY that night.

16th: Albany, NY to Brunswick, ME. Lots of driving through picturesque towns and beautiful mountains. I only got a couple of pics when we stopped to stretch our legs.

17th: Bar Harbor, ME. We drove up from Brunswick for the day. It was beautiful, if crowded.

18th: Brunswick, ME to Boston. We stopped in Portland to see a lighthouse, but otherwise no pics.

19th: Boston. We took a land and water tour on a duck (amphibious military vehicle). It was great fun. I took lots of pics before, during, and after the tour.

20th: Boston to Providence, RI, via Northampton, MA. Why Northampton? Because WEBS, one of the largest online yarn stores, is there. I wanted to see it and shop there. I didn’t spend much, but it was a neat place.

That night in RI I got to have dinner with a dear friend who lives there. It was lovely.

21st: Bethlehem, PA. Because the country’s oldest bookstore is there, and we’re bookworms.

Drove home the 22nd and 23rd, and crashed for a few days. it was a great trip. I may update this post some more later. Right now Hurricane Ian is hitting my state and I don’t want to write a ton and then lose power…


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